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Realising that a good firm is built on the quality of its staff, Criado & Kraus is made up of a team of handpicked professionals who, like the founding partners themselves, compliment their local expertise with international work exposure. Carefully selected not only for their qualifications and experience, but also for their dedication to service and their client skills, these people form the heart of a law firm that is setting new standards for the manner in which legal services are provided in southern Spain.


To enable our staff to make the most of their skills and work as efficiently as possible, we have invested in the latest equipment and management systems that have become available to the legal profession in recent years, and offer those who know how to employ them the chance to do away with much of the time-consuming procedures of old. We believe this, combined with a clear focus on our fields of specialisation, is the great strength of Criado & Kraus, as it allows us to guarantee a level of service that offers our clients complete peace of mind.

Advocaat in Spanje


Lawyer, 24 years experience including 10 years experience in Court litigation in different types of Tribunals. Specialized in property laws, building laws and tax advice in the set up of companies related to real estate, property development and advice to non residents individuals or companies.

Advocaat in Spanje

Economist and Accountant

Economist and accountant, specialized in accountant advice as well as fiscal advice for non residents. Over 10 years experience.

Advocaat in Spanje

Qualified Translator

Qualified translator for English, Spanish and Dutch, also sworn translator Spanish English, She is associated to our property Law and conveyance department as Legal assistant over 10 years experience in the Lw business. Currently studying laws, only few subjects left to qualify.

Advocaat in Spanje

Legal Assistant

Legal assistant for real estate and property matters. Specialized in conveyance files and particularly in post acquisition tasks as well as in searches. Qualified in business management in Berna, Switzerland and with experience in the Spanish banking field.

Advocaat in Spanje


Litigator Lawyer specialized in Banking Laws related to customer protection. 10 years experience. His exclusive dedication in these fields makes him one of the most expert local Court Lawyers to litigate against banks in matters related to abusive terms and banks illegally declared practices.

Erven van onroerend goed in Spanje. Advocaat in Spanje


Lawyer, specialized in human resources and labor Laws and related court Litigation. Over 25 years Experience in this fields. During his career he has been practicing in well known and god reputed Law firms in Marbella and Madrid being the advisor for big companies such Leading hotels of the World Casinos, etc.


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